Coworking Space For Social Good

30 percent of Americans are working remotely and 40% will be by 2020. That's a huge number and this has led to the rise in collaborative work environments that have evolved beyond the coffee shop and home office. Coworking spaces like wework are skyrocketing because people are seeking community, collaboration, tech support,  educational and social benefits and because working from home can be really lonely.

At the same time, many businesses are striving for something bigger than just making a profit, they are trying to make an impact and change the world for the better. They are creating products and services that revolutionize the way that humanity interacts with each other. 

So it makes total sense that coworking spaces like Impact Bazaar are popping up and synthesizing these two trends. Impact Bazaar is a physical marketplace in NYC where innovators and entrepreneurs can access & offer premium resources to accelerate their ideas & impact. The goal is to provide critical access to knowledge, resources, community and opportunity for all who are working in social impact and building solutions to address our world's greatest social and environmental challenges. 

Impact Bazaar is open to the public and encourages walk-ins. With a cost of $10 a day, you get access to the 5,000 square foot space and a set of daily activities offering critical knowledge, resources and insights into the community.

Some Impact Bazaar Partners: