You're Wearing the Wrong Socks - 2015 Tech Trends

There are a number of start-ups that specialize in fitness technology blooming out there and they are there to help the regular fitness minded individual assess how they move and train, its not just for the Ivan Drago's of the world now. We are moving way beyond just monitoring your vital signs with wearable devices to a much deeper look at your form and the way in which you move to improve upon quality of your work-out, health and life. 

Here are a few of the companies diving deep into this space:

Sensoria smart socks are infused with comfortable, textile pressure sensors. They inform you in real-time when you are striking with the heel or the ball of your foot. Monitor your foot-landing technique as you run. Visualize the foot heat-map on the Sensoria Fitness mobile app.

Moov differentiates itself in both hardware and software. While tracking your step counts and calories reminds you to get out and get active, Moov is able to translate your exact movement into coaching capable of bringing your fitness and workout experience to a whole new level.

LEO translates complex information from your body into simple and actionable recommendations, and notifies you when something is amiss.

There are a bunch more, but I think you get the point! You're doing it all wrong on your own and you need help!

Watch this space!!