Will Cinemagraphs Take Over the World?

Try to stop looking at the following cinemagraphs -aka- super produced gifs for brands:


There is a big trend brewing out there that is taking the power of gifs to the next natural place. It's called Cinemagraphs and sounds all fancy, but you may have just noticed that they are beautiful and mesmerizing. The trend for brands to jump in is making its way to Facebook and Instagram by trying to hack autoplay and make you stop and become hypnotized by the beauty and simplicity.

Creative Trends 2015

Shutterstock taps into its vast gallery of music clips, videos and 47 million images to pull out the best in design trends for 2015.

Here are some interesting creative categories from blurred backgrounds, to line icons, to turning the perspective on its head, the best way to stay current and stand out is to jump in a take advantage.



Double Exposure

Top Video Trends:

Aeriel - Drone Video - a la OK GO




Trends in images in Social fall in the following categories from left to right:
Reflection, Floral, Nature, Collection of Objects, Watercolor, Macro and Soft Light

Overall the whole trend report is very well done and a fun way to differentiate your brand with current trends.