*Warning - Pinterest is highly addictive and should be taken seriously*

Pinterest is heating up and it’s addicting! The visual bookmarking site or virtual pinboard allows people to “pin”, share and organize digital images (theirs and/or others) in a compelling and interesting way. Think of it as Google Images organized and personalized for the social era. For marketers this may be the next “useful” shiny object to dive into. -Why should you care?- We are all a little bored with the standard way to view an image on Facebook and frankly they can’t organize images very well. Pinterest allows you to build a beautiful, simple and organized visual library that is extremely search friendly. This doesn't mean stop what you’re doing on your existing social channels, but to reconsider how you organize your image based content.

Some of the best uses for Pinterest include: - Know what’s hot! - Stay connected to the latest trends and styles in a myriad of categories - Elevate your brand by connecting all of the visual dots. Your brand imagery is critical to how people perceive your company. Unlike Google Images that provides little or no control, Pinterest allows your to organize the images in a way that is meaningful to you and your brand. - SEO - everyone is raving about how Pinterest is driving qualified traffic to their sites. Etsy claims it’s the number 1 driver of traffic for them. Wow!-While many of the brands that are on Pinterest are home decor, recipes, DIY, fashion, style and fitness related -- the expansion of the site is upon us and you can find almost any category within the “pin-boards.”

According to mashable some of the brands that have already “pinned” a stake in the ground and are doing it well are:-Gilt Home Whole FoodsModClothMartha Stewart Better Homes and GardensReal SimpleBergdorf GoodmanTravel ChannelClub Monaco Rhapsody MusicMashable-Why are they doing it well?According to pinterest they are pinning from various sources across the web and they are engaging with others by repinning (or RTing, liking) from others on the site and as we all know this is key to building relationships and expanding engagement. They also create multiple topic boards to allows people with various interests to connect to them. Mashable has put together a beginners guide for those of you that want to try it!

What are your thoughts on Pinterest? Let us know.