Jon Cronin - Global Marketing Communications Consultant

Expertise: Brand Strategy, Digital Innovation, Creative Content & New Business Pitching

New Business Pitching
With over 10 successful years of leading high-profile pitches, Jon has played a major role in top tier Communications, Experiential, and Advertising agencies. Now working as a hired gun, he continues to develop integrated new business pitches which are anchored in digital innovation and strategic thinking. Showcasing his communications prowess, he trains teams to be their very best by providing them the tools they need in oder to succeed. Recent clients include, Verizon, JetBlue, BestBuy and Tourism Australia. 

Brand Strategy
A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects every aspects of your business. It must be directly connected to your customers needs, emotions and their lives. It’s the starting point for your brand and your agency's success. Having built three start-up brands, rebranded multiple agencies and reinvigorated numerous consumer brands, Jon can help you refine or reinvent your brand positioning, visual voice, corporate identity, content architecture and rebranding efforts, including public and corporate roll-out strategies. 

Creative Content Strategy
Leveraging over 19 years of creative marketing experience with 17 Industry Awards to show for it, Jon is a much sought after expert on developing breakthrough creative content specific for any audience and platform. He leads with digitally driven ideas and has content creation expertise spanning: mobile, digital, social, video, gifs, vines, snaps, yaks, advertising, print, OOH, & experiential.

Brand Experiences / Events
Emotionally connected brand experiences that live far beyond the physical event is what all brands require. No one knows this more than Jon. He is able to work closely with teams to help design custom digitally connected media and consumer experiences infused with music, influencers, interactive technologies, socially connected content and an overall ambience that leaves people saying "holy sh*t, I’ve never experienced that before”.