My mother says that the first question I had for anything was: Why?

Why do people do the things that they do, and believe what they believe? Why do some people strive for questions and others for answers? Who are you? What do you value above all else and what can you do to change your world for the better?

These questions really hooked me, to the point where I thought that I wanted to be a Psychiatrist. So I packed my bags, left Boston and headed into the desert to the University of Arizona, to learn, dream and be as far as possible from conventional thinking.

After I graduated in 1995, I flew into the eye of the dot-com cultural revolution in San Francisco. I spent five wild years, building digital brands, creating new systems, launching start-ups and connecting to people with world changing aspirations. As digital became global, I headed to New York City, where I have spent the last fifteen years living in Brooklyn. I love it here. The city is my passion and its limitless cultural possibilities have truly been life changing. 

Here are 13 quick facts about me: 

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Jamaica Plain, Boston MA
(First Street Car Suburb in the World)


What is your favorite color?

Deep Blue


What is your favorite book?

I have at least two! Down and Out In Paris and London, George Orwell
& The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami


Where you ever on the cover of the New York Times?

Yes! That was me and my son Miles. I'm glad you noticed


What is your sign?

I'm Aquarius - Most compatible with Gemini's and Libra's in retrograde, ;)  


What is the craziest thing you have ever eaten?

Rattlesnake and Bone Marrow 


Have you ever been in a band?

Yes! I was the lead singer in a euro-punk band called "Room"


What is your favorite Number?

13 - I was born of Feb 13th, so obviously... 

What is your favorite sport?

Anything with a board strapped to my feet


What is your favorite clothing brand?

Isaora - My best friend's company, so I'm a beta tester  - friends with benefits. 


What is the best performance you've ever seen?

Trololo of course!


Who is your favorite mayor?

Ed Lee (I lived in SF for 5 Years)


What is Your Favorite Place to Dance?

Friends and Lovers, Brooklyn