Yahoo! Big Idea Chair

In 2002 online creative basically sucked. Yahoo! recognized that clients not only wanted advertising that works but advertising of which they could be personally proud. In order to raise the bar for online creativity Yahoo! recognized that they had to connect with top creative talent and make them want to do great online work. The best place to connect with top creative talent is at the industry award shows. Rather than attempt to create a Yahoo! Award Show, Yahoo! became a category-exclusive sponsor of every major national advertising competition. We were able to convince each show to allow us to offer – in a single category – a Yahoo award in addition to the award from the show itself. Instead of creating yet another metal, glass or acrylic statue, we opted to utilize a large, dramatic piece of our lobby furniture christened THE YAHOO! BIG IDEA CHAIR

This campaign is still going strong across the globe and it has become one of the most recognized awards in the industry. 

Services Provided

  • Award Creation
  • Branding, Content, Design and Web
  • Advertising 
  • Award Show Event Strategy & Activation
  • Communications Strategy