Live Longer Jump From a Moving Car

The story goes like this. There once was a man about to turn 30, when he read some time perception research from Dr. David Eagleman, it went a little something like this...

"When you turn 30 your life starts to speed up and the years go by faster and faster - this is due to the fact that humans strive for comfort, patterns, routine and familiarity. We experience less and many of the things we do are not new to us anymore. The theory is that new experiences actually slow down our brains and we tend to think that time is actually longer when you do something that your brain has never done before."  

So the 29 year old set out to test this theory and created a blog where for one year he tried a new activity that he had never done before. Things like a cooking class, fencing, rock climbing, various random events and even "Jumping Out of a Moving Car" - with pads on of course. He recorded how much time it actually took to do these activities and then he recorded his "perceived" time. In most cases the time that he thought it took was actually ~10-20% higher than the actual time, thus confirming Eagleman's theory that our perception of time slows down with new experiences. 

So as we look towards the future, what can each of us do new ever day and truly innovate while we live longer lives?!?