Power Posing at SXSW

The time spent at SXSW (just call it South By), can be summed up in one important talk I attended called "Power Posing!". The premise of the talk was that our body language shapes who we are and deeply affects our chance of success in pitches, client interactions and life in general. By standing in a power pose for a few minutes (3-5) just before you enter an important meeting, or the start of your day, your levels of confidence will go up significantly and your power will come through to others around you. She also noted that looking at your mobile phone is intrinsically a "low-power" pose and you actually decrease your power by looking at your phone all hunched up over your little black rectangle. So I'm asking everyone to stand up for 3 mins today and before every important meeting and "Strike a Pose" - a Power Pose that is!

(Some Power Pose Examples & TED Talk Video)