Authenticity is..

Authenticity will be the buzzword of the 21st century. And what is authentic? Anything not devised and structured to make a profit. Anything that exists for its own sake, that assumes its own shape. But...nothing in the modern world is allowed to assume its own shape. The modern world is the corporate equivalent of a formal garden, where everything is planted and arranged for effect. Where nothing is untouched, where nothing is authentic. And what is the most authentic of all? The past. The past is unarguably authentic. The past is a world that already existed.... The past is real. It’s authentic. And this will make the past unbelievably attractive. People...want to visit not other places, but other times...medieval walled cities, Buddhist temples, Mayan pyramids, Egyptian necropolises...the vanished world. And they don’t want it to be fake. They don’t want it to be made pretty, or cleaned up. They want it to be authentic. —Michael Crichton, Timeline (1999)

- People want the real deal. They want it customized and available to them instantly and in any format they choose. It is up to marketers to differentiate themselves and provide memorable, genuine - authentic experiences.

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What consumers want

Joseph Pine provides us with a fabulous look into the mind of consumers as it relates to authenticity. What we perceive as real and fake and how businesses can learn from these perceptions. I am currently reading his book "Authenticity" and much of this site will be dedicated to expanding on this topic. This is a can't miss one. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.